Friday, February 3, 2017

February is Here

We have begun our unit study for comparing & contrasting themes from different cultures. This week we read two myths and revisited identifying themes through  character traits. We have observed, discussed, labeled, and completed Venn diagrams comparing playgrounds, news schools, reactions to scary movies, and twins' interests. This will transition nicely to our Greek mythology unit after February break.

As the Milestone is closing in , kind of, we are preparing our ideas in writing. Students will need to develop an ending to a text that is presented to them. How can this be done successfully? By reading and focusing on story elements given- setting, character traits, problem, solution, plot...
This will be our goal for the next 2 weeks and most likely we'll revisit it before testing.
Students have already chosen a "leveled " text of their interest. Monday we shall begin in small groups.

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  • Picture day -Tuesday, Feb. 7th

  • Math  Night at Publix
  • Thursday, February 16th from 5-7pm