Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gator Gallop

From Addison's Foundation-

AESF Gator Gallop:
Join us for the 4th Annual Gator Gallop 5K & Fun Runs on Saturday March 24, 2018. Race Schedule: 8am - 5K, 9am -Bubble Tot Trot, 9:15 – K-2nd Bubble Fun Run, 9:30 - 3-5th Bubble Fun Run *Awards to follow. Races are open to all students, friends, family and community members. Visit http://addisongatorgallop.com/ for more information and registration.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Please consider signing up to help us make this event a success! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080d4ba8a92aa6fe3-gator

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Grammar Focus

This coming week will be focused on comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs:
Comparative adjective- er and  adverb-more
Superlative adjective- est and  adverb -most
We will practice daily in class and students will have nightly tasks.

We have begun a narrative plot essay. Students have developed a topic. Some have been able to begin their introduction paragraph. Our goal is to create enough detailed supporting ideas for a topic. These ideas are to be interesting and descriptive thru vocabulary and sentence development. Students will develop the character's struggles, conflict, plan for resolution, and outcome.

On Monday, we will read a second folktale and finish comparing the two texts. The class will continue this standard by reading and discussing a Chinese and Greek folktale. Students will be guided thru one response sheet and the students will complete the second to show their independent understanding. A quiz will be either on Thursday or Friday.
Please remind your child to use context clues when reading questions. This will improve their grades!

Reminders : 
Early Release this Wednesday, March 14
Report cards on March 22nd.
Gator Gallop on March 24th.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Finishing Poetry,Prose, and Drama

We still need some time for our current reading focus. Monday and Tuesday ,we'll have more practice activities. Wednesday ,the students will have a test one all 3 types of texts. This will be more detailed than last week's quiz and test.
On Thursday we'll have a lesson and assessment on the importance of exercising. This will be a health grade. 
Then on Friday ,we should begin our next reading unit on comparing texts from different cultures. The first will be comparing an African and Native American folktale. This includes revisiting text elements of setting,characters, and theme/lesson learned.

Spelling has returned! We will be discussing new Greek prefixes & suffixes: tele, sub, graph.
Remember to sign your child's spelling list on Monday night acknowledging that you are aware of the words. It is up to you and your child as to how and when you wish to complete the homework task , as long as it is signed and returned by Friday.

As always, students are allowed and encouraged to bring home their journals for review and studying. Please be sure they bring it back. This has been an issue for some and then they are not prepared in class to use or add any anchor charts or resources for our daily lesson.

Sunday, February 25, 2018


     I hope that everyone enjoyed the break! There are only 5 more weeks before our spring break. Then Milestone testing will begin. So we shall need to be focused and diligent.
    Students will continue to learn text structure for poetry,prose, and drama. There will be a quiz on Wednesday and a test on Friday. Your child should bring home their journal daily and use the anchor charts as a resource for completing homework assignments. This coming week our grammar will be figurative language skills and they are intertwined with our reading focus.Examples are also in their journals.
     You may notice in Parentvue a difference between your child's narrative and "how to" essay scores. The narrative essay was being considered for the writing fair ,so there wasn't any teacher assistance given. The narrative score is a true picture of the student's individual writing skills. I have provided individual feedback and suggestions to students for all other essays. I will be meeting with students to review their narrative essays. Developing relevant and detailed ideas to support their purpose was the common domain with a lower score.
     Our next reading unit will be comparing texts across cultures. More information we be on next week's blog.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Close Reading

The students have impressed Mrs. Tansill and me on applying close reading strategies for elements of mythology!! We hope that students will carry this over to science and social studies informational texts.

The mythology unit test will be on Wednesday. Students should have been rereading all passages we have discussed. We will complete a study guide for meanings of the allusions. They are to study Monday and Tuesday for homework.

Our new unit on elements of poetry,prose, and drama will begin on Wednesday. We will identify text evidence when we close read. Here are the elements students will identify when close reading:

Poetry:structured with line breaks and stanzas, has rhythm, feelings, sometimes rhymes, examples include use of figurative language,imagery, and sensory vocabulary

Prose:is structured with sentences and paragraphs, examples include- essays,articles, short stories, and informational text

Drama/Play: structured with acts and scenes, written for an audience, uses dialogue, they include setting, character, plot or theme

Students are working on an informational essay. They chose either a God/Goddess or American Revolutionary Historical Figure. They have had a week to research and gather informational notes.

Talent Show Thursday, Feb. 15th
Chorus Trip Friday,Feb. 16th
Winter Break Feb. 19th-23rd

Saturday, February 3, 2018


We are still trying to catch up with covering the reading standards. This week we only took one comprehension test. We have discussed Odysseus and Pandora. The students should be able to explain the allusion and theme for both. Monday we will discuss the passage for Achilles' Heel and there will be a comprehension assessment. Then we will read and discuss Echo and Narcissus . As a class, we will complete a study guide for each allusion. Students will be studying this for homework to prepare them for the final assessment the following week. Note taking and making corrections is extremely important for student success.

Students should be close reading for character traits, problems & solutions, theme, allusion, main idea, and vocabulary. All of these should be labeled as they read the text.

In the learning commons, students will have a lesson to reinforce note taking as they research websites. They will be developing an informational essay on either a Greek God/Goddess or American Revolution person. The graphic organizer will have specific topics to be researched.

For language arts we will revisit many grammar standards previously covered. Our focus however will be auxiliary verbs, also referred to as linking verbs. Figurative language  ( simile,metaphor,alliteration, idiom,hyperbole, etc.) have been taught in second and third grade, but we will be going a little deeper into this standard. The anchor charts in the classroom have been addressed through out the year. We will be adding more examples in our journals so you may remind your child to bring them home to review if they are struggling.

 Reminders: Picture Day is Feb. 6th
                     Recorder Concert is March 15th

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Supporting Your Child

STEM Night this Thursday, Feb. 1st from 6-7:30. Hope to see you there!

Here are some ideas on how to support your child's learning. Ask them what they learned that day. What was a strategy for reading? What corrections did you have to make on your homework or in class work? Did you ask questions from your teacher?
If your child is struggling with reading, read with them. Here is what we do every day. After reading one paragraph we discuss the purpose, main idea, vocabulary, and think mark what we need to extract from the paragraph for understanding the text. We "chunk" the text. Students should always read a passage twice. The first is to become familiar with the text. The second reading is to understand the text.Students should apply these strategies independently on homework assignments and when taking tests.

On Tuesday we will be having a lesson in the Learning Commons for safe websites for mythology research. We will taking a journey into mythology with Mrs. Nelson!

Spelling this week is focused on American Revolutionary War vocabulary. Students will be tested on spelling of the words and the definitions. A spelling grade and social studies grade will be given.

Please check and initial your child's agenda nightly to keep yourself informed. It is up to students to write their homework . Reminders are given.