Saturday, August 12, 2017

Reading Unit

We have just begun our unit for plot elements in reading. This is exposition, rising action (problem), climax, falling action, and resolution. Our first text was Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt.We will continue to identify elements as a whole group and partner tasks. I plan on giving a quiz next Monday, August 21st.
Reading homework is assigned nightly, please remind your child NOT to go ahead of assignments. Rereading is important to develop fluency and comprehension. This coming week's passage is "Scorpions".
Spelling should begin the week of August 21st.
Students will be revisiting their pre-personal narrative essay. We will work on developing their idea into a small moment to strengthen their focus on a clear purpose. This includes learning how to revise and edit properly.

Reminders: Monday is our field trip to the Fire Safety Village. Have your child wear tennis shoes and any Addison t-shirt. If you are sending a lunch be sure it is packed in a gallon size Ziploc or paper bag as we will not be able to carry lunch boxes.

If you have not signed up for your Parent-vue account, please come to the office with your id.
PTA will be collecting funds for grade level t-shirts until Friday!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

First Week Back

Returning to school is always a little challenging. We are working on classroom behavior expectations. When to listen and not be talking is on the top of the list. We will continue to work on meeting these expectations.

I have introduced ELA morning work and reading homework routine. On Monday, the students will receive their first "practice grade" for the ELA Friday assessment. Each day we correct this as a class and discuss grammar, conventions, vocabulary, and strategies.

The students have written a personal narrative pre-assessment. I will be using this as guide for developing ideas and strengthening their conventions for essays. Developing reading and writing is a year long process. Actually, life long 😮.

They have also taken their first on grade level reading test. This will not be counted as I am using this to guide instruction on how to "close read" passages and understand questions being asked.However, I ask that you look at the grade that would have been given. I went over all areas of the test and modeled how they should answered. Please don't be alarmed by their grades but instead understand how important it is to be listening to teacher directions. I ask that you sign and return the test Monday night. I will then return it for your child to keep at home as a reference.

Yes, it has been a very, very busy week back. I wish to set expectations from the start.

We have our Open House this Thursday. PTA meeting begins at 6pm in the cafeteria followed by a meeting in our classroom. Guidelines and policies will be discussed and your questions will be addressed. So please make time to attend.

Field Trip- Monday, August 14th to the Fire Safety Village.
Permission forms will be sent home Monday. Please complete and send back ASAP.

Feel free to contact me at
I'm looking forward to a fabulous year!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fire Safety Village

The long awaited field trip has arrived!! 
It was a beautiful day to be at the Cobb County Fire Safety Village.

Friday, February 3, 2017

February is Here

We have begun our unit study for comparing & contrasting themes from different cultures. This week we read two myths and revisited identifying themes through  character traits. We have observed, discussed, labeled, and completed Venn diagrams comparing playgrounds, news schools, reactions to scary movies, and twins' interests. This will transition nicely to our Greek mythology unit after February break.

As the Milestone is closing in , kind of, we are preparing our ideas in writing. Students will need to develop an ending to a text that is presented to them. How can this be done successfully? By reading and focusing on story elements given- setting, character traits, problem, solution, plot...
This will be our goal for the next 2 weeks and most likely we'll revisit it before testing.
Students have already chosen a "leveled " text of their interest. Monday we shall begin in small groups.

  • Please take a moment to complete the Cobb online survey. 
  • Parent survey

  • Picture day -Tuesday, Feb. 7th

  • Math  Night at Publix
  • Thursday, February 16th from 5-7pm

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Monday Snow /Ice Day

Here are this week's spelling words.
Please have your child complete our usual Monday's task: write words 3 times.
Stay safe !

volume, frequency, amplitude, echo, muffle, vacuum, ketchup, 

kitchen, butcher, hatchet, exclaimed, interpret, vibration, pitch,

figure,             BONUS: longitudinal

Friday, January 6, 2017

Poetry Elements

In only a day and a half of school, we had learned some elements of poetry. Introduction lesson of vocabulary for poetry,prose, and drama. We compared a poem and prose , "The Cow". Students have visited the poetry sites linked to my blog. Please have them visit the Shel Silverstein site at home because Cobb blocked it :( 

We will continue to infer texts as we read poems. Students will need to use text evidence to support their conclusions.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Please visit the Shutterfly link to see our class holiday photos!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !