Sunday, April 14, 2019

Now until Milestone

2 weeks until we begin Milestone testing!

We have begun practicing questions and understanding how to take the test online. This is the link if you wish to preview :

In math we have started the unit on geometry. The students will need to understand the vocabulary,
identify models, draw models, measure angles, and find the missing angle.

Reading and comprehending allusions in Greek mythology will be taught between practicing for Milestone.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Special School Activities

The book fair will be open late on Thursday, 5:30!
It will be closing at 12 pm on Friday.

AESF is hosting a kick-a-thon to raise money for the Science Lab and for new technology throughout the school.
Your child will attempt to kick 10 soccer goals during specials that day, but must be registered and have pledges to participate. Don't let your child miss out. $1 a kick goes a long way if everyone participates! I'd love my class to have 100% participation, so please register your child  at

Spring Break is the week of April 1st. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Current Happenings

    In math, we will continue more practice on adding and subtracting mixed number with regrouping. There will be a quiz on Tuesday. On Friday, I will be introducing multiplying fractions.

   We are getting prepared for the Milestone. In writing, we will read examples of narrative endings. Students will practice developing a new type of ending for a text that has been shared during instructional lessons. They will also complete a task of changing the point of view of a text. This will take place over the next 2 weeks. These will just be a conclusion or introduction paragraph. In summation, the students will write a narrative essay applying all the standards that have been taught. This will be presented almost as the Milestone but they will have 2 writing blocks to complete the essay independently.

  Students will be taking a reading comprehension quiz on their novel study. Those reading Bridge to Terabithia will cover chapters 5-8. The Mouse and the Motorcycle readers will cover chapters 5-7. Those who were behind in reading were to read over the weekend.

   Remember: Wednesday is Early Release
                       Thursday is our STEM Day

   Please reinforce with your child the importance of completing homework independently to model what they truly independently understand.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Welcome Back

I hope that you have gotten some rest and enjoyed the winter break!

    This week I will be meeting in small group for novel studies. Based on reading levels and in-class performance , students are reading Bridge to Terebithia and The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Some students were given the books before break and assigned the first two chapters. There will be activities that the students will complete and graded on. This will be over the next few weeks.
     Our main reading will be the elements of poetry,prose,and drama. The students are familiar with these types of texts but may not know exact element differences.Please remind them to study the anchor charts nightly. The first quiz will be a cut & paste for all 3 types. I plan to give this quiz on Friday, but it will most likely happen on the following Monday if students need another day of in-class practice.

    We will begin converting improper fractions and adding/subtracting fractions. There will be a test on Wednesday covering what's been taught this quarter: modeling,equivalent,number lines, comparing, and ordering fractions. 

     ELA spiral review continues. This week's focus will be progress verb tense and modal auxiliary verbs. Most students are modeling understanding but some reteaching will benefit all students.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Winter Break is Around the Corner

Time sure is flying!Third quarter progress reports will be coming home on Thursday.

      In math, students will continue to use benchmarks to compare 2 to 3 fractions. As for now, students should understand fractions presented as figures, sets, and standard written form. By the end of the week, students will learn how to find the lowest common denominator (LCD). Please have your child continue to learn their multiplication facts.

      The class continues to develop their opinion essays. Every step has been chunked, meaning each day there was a particular focus. On Monday ,there will be a revising lesson in Office 365 and students will revise just vocabulary. Tuesday the focus will be revising sentence starters and opinion phrases. The deadline for finalization is Thursday.
      Also in ELA, we will spend this week on spiral review. Using the correct progressive verb tense and identifying the prepositional phrase has been the common challenge. Students have been taught strategies, but they must apply them :)

      Figurative language test will be Tuesday. Students should be reviewing all in-class, homework, and quizzes to prepare. Last Friday we shared their free picks from the proverb list. Students were asked to write down any new ones. You may check your child's journal to review with them.

Leukemia Fundraiser
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Mon.- PJ 
Tues.- Shades/sunglasses
Weds.- Hat
Thurs.-Crazy Hair
Friday- Gum $2

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Opinion Essay

Students are enjoying fractions! We will have a quiz on the basic understanding of fractions as equal parts of a whole and modeling a fraction. Students have also been exposed to equivalent fractions. This week we'll continue with comparing fractions. There maybe a quiz on Friday, so please check your child's agenda. I am trying to chunk the elements of the overall standard for fractions as it is a large unit.

In writing, students have completed their paragraph practice for developing a hook, introduction topic sentence , reasons with a supporting example/detail, and conclusion opinion statement. I have begun to meet individually with students to provide feedback for "glow" and "grow" areas. Our 5 paragraph essay is underway!Students are working on developing their ideas with differentiated graphic organizers. This week we will chunk tasks as we formulate the paragraphs. Beginning Monday Feb. 11th, students will finalize and type their essay.

We continue to learn about figurative language. There will be a quiz on Tuesday covering similes and metaphors. Students have been working in-class on idioms,adages,and proverbs. We will be going more in depth with them this week. Students should be reviewing our daily in-class activities to prepare for quizzes and tests.It's possible there will be a quiz on Friday just on idioms,adages,and proverbs. This too will be multiple choice.

Spelling this week will be on ar,er,and or. A new menu has been developed and dictation will be included on Friday test.During independent reading, students will identify and build vocabulary.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


We are ready to begin fractions. This will take us through  the rest of the 9 weeks!! It will be divided into specific standards. Wednesday , vocabulary anchor charts will be in your student's journal. We will draw and label fractions as circles,squares, and sets. Students will use tape diagrams to model and write fractions.By the end of next week, students will be understanding equivalent fractions.

Opinion writing development continues. Students have collaborated and provided feedback an tasks for opinion statements and conclusions. This is a great way to learn from their peers. The class will continue to read and identify opinion elements in passages. Next Monday, students will choose their essay topic from a list provided. We will continue to develop a five paragraph essay by building on what has been previously taught and adding opinion genre specific vocabulary.

In ELA, we are reviewing verb tenses, prepositional phrases, sentence structure, and punctuation.
Our reading will focus on figurative language, such as idioms and cliches. Reteaching, similes and metaphors.

Father Daughter Dance is Friday!!