Saturday, October 20, 2018

Second Quarter

It sure was wonderful to meet with you and discuss your child's progress!

   We are wrapping up the unit on main idea with a test on Tuesday. But, we will continue to revisit this throughout the year.

    Our new writing focus is informational writing ,which has been introduced with some of the main idea passages. The students have chosen a topic to research for developing an informational paragraph. This will lead into an informational essay towards the end of the month. You can view notes in your child's writing journal.

    In reading, we will be making the connection to text structure. This includes identifying : description; compare & contract; sequencing; problem & solution; and cause & effect. 

    Homophones will remain a focus this week. Students will be assessed this coming Friday. 

    In math, students are learning new strategies on solving multi-digit multiplication problems. They will be bringing home their journal to assist them with homework. Please be sure that their journals return to school daily to have in-class. 

   Have  wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Conference Week

   Please check your child's agenda for the day and time of our conference. Remember that your child should attend as Addison does student led conferences.

  We will continue to focus on main idea in informational text. As a whole class, we watched Brainpop and discussed identifying the main idea. Students then watched again independently. While they answered comprehension questions, they watched again. This was NOT taken as a grade! It was a learning experience. There will be some short passages that we will read and use text evidence to identify the main idea. At the same time, we are learning how to develop informational paragraphs. This is to prepare for an upcoming informational essay.

   In math ,our focus will be on multiplication for multi-digit numbers. Students will be exposed to a few strategies to build their fluency. Multiplication is the pathway to many other standards to come this year.

  The book fair is open during conference week. I look forward to meeting with you!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fall Break is Near

  We continue to focus on identifying theme in a text. Students have been learning to use text evidence to support their answer. I have modeled how to number the evidence as they close read. The theme must be stated, then the meaning. Students should be studying the vocabulary on the anchor chart in their journals. There will be a formative assessment on Thursday! This will be short paragraphs and they must use the correct theme vocabulary and highlight the text evidence. Please keep all passage that we have corrected/discussed in class to review for the assessment. They will have another on Monday and Tuesday.

  In writing, the students have practiced developing a strong paragraph which includes a topic sentence. The task was to identify the theme of Ruby Bridges and include 2-3 examples of evidence.
This is an instructional piece, NOT a grade! They will complete one for a grade ,however it may not happen this week. I will update you when the class is ready.

  Students struggling with grammar standards that we are reviewing and introducing can practice on

  Subtracting across zero is this week's math. Students should be practicing the facts for fluency and number sense. has been a great site that the students have been using in the classroom. This is a wonderful way for them to practice math standards that they may be struggling with. Please have your child use this at home.

  Only one week before fall break!!

Monday, September 10, 2018


Students have worked diligently on their essays! I'm excited to read their final products. The grades should be posted by the end of this weekend.

As a team, we noticed students struggling with plural nouns, punctuation for dialogue, and paragraph structure. So this week , we are revisiting  plural and possessive nouns. How are they different? There will be an assessment on Friday. Today ,we began how to develop a paragraph with a topic sentence. A topic sentence usually includes the main idea, but does not have to be the first sentence in the paragraph. It usually answers some questions : How? What? Who? Why?Where? . Depending on how we progress in our lessons, the students will be assessed most likely on Monday.

Spelling this week is focused on social studies vocabulary. Your child should study the spelling of all words and definition for the 5 starred ones. Spelling City is a wonderful site to practice!

A theme is the central idea,or message, of a story. Some themes most be inferred. We will discuss how plot of a story relates to the theme. Students will have anchor charts in their journals with the definition and examples of most common themes. I will not be formally testing them until next week, so I will give you more details on the next post. However, there will be a grade level reading assessment on Friday. Students will be tested on vocabulary, possessive nouns, main idea, and comprehension. When I do not directly assign reading homework, please have you child read for 15-20 to practice fluency and exposure to text.

Friday, Sept. 14 is Addison's Family Carnival!!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Ending units

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the long weekend! Can't believe we've been in school for a month.

     We will be wrapping up our unit on place value : reading,writing,comparing,ordering,and rounding. Students are still completing Friday's chapter assessment. Wednesday will be a last review and reteach as needed. Thursday will be the summative test. Then, we will move on to using rounding to estimate for addition and subtraction.

     The class continues to develop sentence structure. Application of identifying fragments and run-on sentences should be modeled within their individual essays. Students are editing their writing according to my individual feedback each day before they continue their essays. Their final publication will be due on Wednesday. Our goal was last Friday, which gave them a little over a week to complete. As we discussed at Open House,writing is 70% of their ELA grade. This weight is assigned by the county.

      Students continue to read and understand character traits. We've discussed positive and negative traits within our texts. We will understand that physical traits and emotions are  different but may have a connection to their character.There will be a quiz Thursday on positive/negative traits and character/physical. On Friday, the summative test will include matching, multiple choice, and labeling.

      This past week, Mrs. Tansill and I sent home many citations for not returning homework. Homework is used for us to assess students' independent comprehension for daily instruction. Please have your child pack up the night before school. Most of the citations were for spelling and their test scores reflected this.

       Progress reports will be coming home on Thursday. There will be a white print out for you to keep. Please sign and return the colored copy that will be stapled in your child's agenda.

Parent Support: Visit the Cobb County Parents Resources tab. Click on the Academics Information link. There are math learning videos. If you click Learning in ELA, you may find the standards and frameworks under fourth grade. Perhaps these links will provide some clarity of what your student will be taught this year. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Early Release

We continue to stay very busy!
Students will be focused on comparing and rounding numbers. Applying strategies to assist their comprehension is beneficial,always start with a digit's given place and close read questions. Another powers of 10 assessment will be given on Tuesday. There will be a quiz Thursday for ordering,comparing,and rounding.

Reading and writing, we have been digging into identifying and describing character traits. What does the character feel, say, and do to convey these traits? Identifying evidence and specific vocabulary in the text and writing an explanation in their own words will be a continued focus. Monday and Tuesday the students will have reading homework. Thursday will be a quiz  to assess students' ability to identify and explain traits.

We have begun typing our narratives using Office 365. This assists me in providing quick feedback as the students write. Many have completed their introductions. The most challenging element has been for students to create a problem/goal/obstacles for their character. It is hard because they want to retell a personal narrative where there isn't a plot. We will continue to focus on this creativity development. They are also reflecting on their independent books by creating a character poster.

This week is spelling. Nightly homework choice board is given. Thursday night is test night. Students should write any misspelled words 5 times. Sign and return your child's test to school on Friday.

Wednesday is early release! Please send a note in your child's agenda if you have dismissal changes.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Extra Credit

I'm offering extra credit points for our plot test. We reviewed all vocabulary and definitions daily for two weeks.The students have anchor charts in their writing journals to study.

On Thursday, they will give all 5 elements for plot. Then they will write a definition in their own words to model their understanding. This will amount to 10 extra points that could be added to their test grade.I will adjust their grades in ParentVue accordingly.

In the future, please remind your child how important homework and studying is for their success.
Thank you for your support in their education!