Saturday, October 22, 2016

Reader Leaders

I apologize for students who followed suit later in the week and did not have their photo taken and any I have overlooked.
Leah, Jibran, Ethan, Jordyn, Jessica,Aiden (Not in photo)

Here are some students really applying their learning in their independent reading homework!! How can you follow their wonderful leadership? Identify standards being taught while reading at home , such as --point of view (1st,2nd, 3rd person), similes,metaphors, idioms, prepositional phrases , character traits, absolutely any standard we have discussed. This makes the connection between reading and writing development as they observe authors' examples.
This has been strongly encouraged but it's up to students to take the initiative. Way to Go!

Conference Week

It was wonderful to have the time to meet with you and your child to discuss his/her progress! We are now in quarter 2 and have a fresh start to strengthen academic progress.
This week we began identifying point of view of a text. We will compare passages written about the same topic but in different points of view. Students will use close reading strategies to identify text evidence to prove their answers and develop paragraphs to explain their thinking.
As we continue to understand figurative language , the students are expanding knowledge and vocabulary with exposure to idioms. How are they different from similes & metaphors? 
After instructional lessons, they practice application with partners as they read and discuss.

New writing focus is on opinions. Students were asked to bring home their journals and review with you the genre specific vocabulary for stating opinions. These are the yellow and orange anchor charts. Applying this focused vocabulary will improve your child's assessment in the domains of organization and style.

Sharpen the Saw !! Please attend our Boo-vie Night on Friday, October 28. Proceeds benefit the Foundation.