Friday, August 26, 2016

Severe Weather Writing

The class has been developing their essay on severe weather storms. Through out the week, they have written 3 supporting paragraphs based on information collected . They will work on developing  their opening and concluding paragraphs on Monday, after we review topic sentence starters and hooks. Their final presentation is due on Thursday and I hope to have them graded by the time we return from the Labor Day holiday.

The week was also spent reading in our grade level health textbooks. Students had the week to partner and/ or independently read the chapter about personal health. After reading, they completed a short summary and vocabulary  assessment. These 5 quizzes I have combined into a test grade which has made the final individual average higher than if I counted them separately. The students were able to reread at their own pace and use the text as they completed the assessment .You will see this grade in both health and reading in Parentvue. 

After Labor Day we will focus on narrative text elements: theme,plot ( problem/solution) , character traits,and setting. 

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Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Improving Reading

Here are a few pointers on how your student can improve in reading :
  • close read the text using think marks
  • close read the questions using think marks
  • reread the text and questions
  • identify the supporting evidence in the text by highlighting or underlining in color
  • make corrections when the teacher is modeling and reviewing
  • complete the reading homework for Tuesday and Wednesday
The book mark for "think mark" was posted on my blog Aug. 16th to assist students at home . These strategies are modeled and discussed daily. It is the student's responsibility to apply them in his/her work in all subject areas (math,science,social studies) to build independent fluency. Close reading think marks can make a noticeable difference in test scores.

If you are interested in seeing this modeled or asking questions about these strategies, please email me ( as soon as possible. I will gladly arrange with administration an evening (5:30-6:30 most likely) to have a demonstration meeting with all parents interested. My goal is to teach and assist your child in his/her learning.

Parents of ALP students, please check your student's agenda for a letter concerning reading homework.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Informational Writing

I believe the students have really enjoyed researching severe weather sites to collect information for their upcoming informational writing assessment. We have learned what informational writing should include through reading and discussing examples. We also focused on how authors use specific vocabulary based on their main idea and that paragraphs focus on  supporting details and examples.
 We have been learning how to develop strong topic sentences and a variety of sentence starters.This week we will be focusing on how to organize their notes to develop paragraphs based on their topic/main idea.

We continue to read informational texts. This will include our health unit on personal hygiene and dental 
care. Each day we will read a lesson and follow up with a comprehension and vocabulary quiz. The 5 quizzes will count as a test in health and reading. 
Students have been meeting with me in guided reading groups to practice close reading strategies to build fluency and comprehension.

Homework: Please remind your child to listen to and write down assignments. This will assist in their nightly application of daily lessons. It also gives us formative feedback if your child needs reteaching of concepts.

Thank you for using the agenda for communicating concerns , requests, and dismissal changes!! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Think Marks and Homework

Reading homework is based on your student's DRA and RI assessments. Tonight's assignment is to close read and reread  his/her leveled passage. They should use "Think Marks" while reading. Please see the photo below. This is what the students have in class as a reminder and resource. 

If your student's packet has questions attached, he/she are not to complete them until WEDNESDAY.Tuesday is reading for fluency and comprehension. Wednesday is for rereading and then answering to prove comprehension.

Reading passages will be based upon what we are learning in class. Currently we are focused on non-fiction informational text in reading and writing.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Our Routine

      We are gradually getting into our daily routine of Daily 5 centers expectations, partner reading expectations, and switching classes.
     Our reading and writing focus is currently Informational text elements. We have applied close reading strategies to understand how to construct informational writing by reading examples. Students will have their journals as a resource that is always available for them to use.
       This coming week the students will focus on the purpose of writing informational text, developing topic sentences,using the web to gather ideas, and  connecting ideas with linking/transition words.
      Daily 5 centers are a time when students work on practicing standards such as identifying run- ons, fragments, developing structured sentences, common and proper nouns, spelling and dictionary skills.
       Students will choose an extreme weather topic to research and develop an informational writing piece. This will integrate their upcoming science standards on weather . They will be searching the web and using texts to gather information. It will be a 2 -3 week task as we go through the reading and writing process.
       Grades are being posted in Parent Vue so please be sure that you have set up your login.
       Contact me by email with any questions or concerns!