Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wrapping our year

Only a month left of school! We survived Milestone testing and it seemed to go without a hitch. Only a couple needed to take make ups.

Currently students are working on a fiction book report.Students had a free choice of a fiction book based on their reading lexile level .Not only is this a really exciting task , it's also preparing the students for 5th grade book reports. That's my plan !!
Your child should be bringing home his/her book nightly and completing a short focus task. They will complete their assessment/presentation in class.

As we have completed our science study on ecosystems, students are now making connections to today's wildlife. They have been researching on websites and books to gather information about their chosen animal. By the end of this week, they should be developing their notes into focused paragraphs. 
They have really taken a great interest in videos, images, and facts about these amazing animals.

Both of these projects will continue through next week.

Progress report will be coming home this Thursday.

Remember-  Gator Gala on Thursday, May 12th !!
                     Class picnic from 5pm-6pm
                     Journey Through Time festivities from 6pm-8pm