Monday, January 18, 2016


We have been learning how authors use figurative language in poetry. The students are currently writing a metaphor poem. We have been reading poems and identifying 6 elements ; verse, stanza, line break, rhyme, rhythm, and meter.
This coming week, we will continue to study poetry and then move onto drama/play.

In reading, the 13 colonies for social studies has been integrated. Making inferences has been a main focus as students still struggle with using the text to apply higher thinking skills to open ended questions. They are working on not just reading the text but understanding the key elements that the author is wanting to convey.

What is a "Leader" ? 
Mrs. Tansill and I have had to address this topic over the past week. There has been some disruption during our whole group and small group collaboration. Please take some time to discuss with your child his/her role at Addison. How can he/she be successful and help others be successful?
Thank you!

Penny Wars begins Tuesday- game on!!