Friday, November 13, 2015

Nov 13th

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner?This is a perfect time to be thinking about the Native Americans of the past. Students have researched more about a tribe that interests them and are incorporating information into their opinion writing. So far they have developed their organizer for seed topics and produced the introduction paragraph. Because this is an assessment there is very little assistance I am able to give. It's time for students to show what they have learned about the fourth grade writing standards. I have strongly suggested resources that would be beneficial to use- writing journal, past writing assessment feedback/rubrics, and their writing goal sheet. This is one of the two primary writing grades for this quarter. Please remind your child to do their best and have fun with this assignment!

There are a few grammar standards we have been applying- idioms, homophones, possessive nouns (singular and plural), and spelling rules. There will be a reading comprehension test this Tuesday which will include these standards along with comprehension and vocabulary. If they apply what's been taught over the last few weeks, they should be successful.

       Wednesday - Family Thanksgiving Lunch
All other days will be sack lunches and we will eat in our classroom.
       No spelling homework!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


This week we in grammar the students continued to worked on prepositional phrases. Although we took our test, prepositional phrases will be visited again as all grammar rules are applied through out the year.

The students will begin researching about a specific Native American tribe as they collect data to support their opinion writing assessment. They will travel back in time and decide which tribe would best suit them . I know they love to research on the computers. This assignment will take at least a week to gather information and organize their opinion ideas.

Reading texts to identify character traits has led to many interesting conversations. Students have learned new vocabulary such as gullible, obnoxious, ambitious, rowdy, generous and much more. We want to increase our vocabulary and steer away from words such as nice, kind, happy, or mean.

In science, Mrs. Tansill has been teaching force and motion. The content is not straight forward and students will need to apply close reading strategies to assist in comprehension. Please be sure your child is bringing home their journal to reread the passages. There is a test on Thursday!

Our fourth grade students created place mats and cards for Sandy Plains Church in observance of Veterans Day. They were very excited to be given this opportunity.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

It's November !

This past week we had wonderful discussions where students presented their opinions about "the driving age being raised from 16 years old to 18 years old" . Another topic was based on a youtube video, "should cell phones be allowed at school?" Students were very enthusiastic about these views. We will continue to strengthen our writing as students choose from a menu of topics and present their own opinion with enough supporting reasons.

Our reading is mostly focused on character traits, setting, and main idea. Other elements we continue to review- plot, theme, and author's purpose. As we read short paragraphs, students will identify characteristic traits and support with text evidence.

            HW for Wednesday- Study for prepositional phrase quiz
            preposition  + noun/ pronoun =  prepositional phrase

           Thursday- Prepositional phrase quiz
            Friday- Characteristic traits quiz,  Spelling test