Saturday, October 24, 2015

Oct. 18-23

 Congratulations to our Principal's and A-B Honor Roll students!

I enjoyed meeting with you and discussing your child's awesome growth this first quarter. What a fabulous start to our year in fourth grade!

The students really enjoyed creating questions and board games for the Native Americans. They will use them this coming week as a way to review the information for their test.

We will begin our opinion writing unit. Students will learn how to clearly state their opinion and support it with enough ideas related to the topic.

Spelling homework will resume this week!
Tuesday - Native American Test
Thursday- Reading Comprehension Test
Friday- Spelling Test

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Conference Week Oct.19

I am so looking forward to meeting with you to discuss the wonderful progress that your child has made in just 9 weeks!! Please remember that your child is to attend their student led conference.

We have begun our unit study on Native Americans. As the students learn about these tribes, they will keep in mind their opinion writing topic. So in ELA we will begin practicing how to develop opinion statements. After learning about elements for opinion writing, they will decide which tribe they would liked to have been a part of. 


  • School dismissal is 12:20. 
  • The Book Fair will be open at 7:15- 4:00. 
  • Bus Driver Appreciation- If your child has made a card for their driver, it should be turned into the front office Monday!

I've finally learned how to add website links to my blog. Or at least I think I have! These are sites I have introduced during Daily 5 for students to build their grammar comprehension. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 11,2015

Hooray, our informational writing on severe weather storms are completed. It's absolutely amazing to observe the students' growth in writing since August!! The second nine weeks requires a narrative and opinion presentation. But we will take a little breather before we get started on those.

Our reading focus is determining the theme of a story or passage. The students have been working in small groups to read and discuss the decision on which theme the author is conveying. Their supporting text evidence changed some partners' minds. Yay for text evidence!

Hopefully you have seen papers on homophones. We have discussed homophones in our past spelling tests, weekly daily language and now in our GUMS  book. The students will have two more days of practicing in class before our quiz on THURSDAY. Please remind your child that they should be keeping tests and quizzes to help study , in all subjects. One observation of mine is that  students can write the homophones but have difficulty with identifying them correctly in the text or in their own writing. Ask your child the strategy he/she should be using to check accuracy.

Image result for fall festival clip art Please join us Friday 5-8pm for our PTA's 

Conference Week- Oct. 19-23.  Your reminder  will be written in the agenda.

Thank you for emailing me with your questions and concerns. Your communication is extremely important for our team (Students, Parents, Teachers) .

Saturday, October 3, 2015

October 2

This week the students worked diligently on their informational writing assessment. They  developed their introduction, revised the body, and worked on their final presentation. Next, they will develop their closing paragraph.
They studied images of severe weather and wrote words that these images evoked, feelings and thoughts. There was wonderful conversation. They used this vocabulary when revising their writing.

Our focus in reading has been identifying text evidence that supports author's purpose (to inform).
Students continue to apply close reading think marks to improve comprehension. We have also been underlining context clues in text that help to understand vocabulary.
Please be sure to sign your child's context clue practice sheet page 49-50. Students are to review this over the weekend to prepare for our quiz.

Congratulations to our class leader for October- Coleman Underwood
He is also our class SLT representative !!

Reminders:   Monday- Quiz on context clues
                     Tuesday- Reading Comprehension Test
                     Friday-  Spelling Test
Conference Week- Oct.19-23