Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 24-28

The students had a blast at the Fire Safety Village where they learned about fire safety,water safety, electrical safety , and personal safety.As you can see, they were very active participants!


This week the students learned about Close Reading and using "Think Marks" as a strategy to understand a text. They were grouped by interest and reading level. We will continue next week with reading about landforms as I haven't met with all the students.

We have written hooks and introductions to our narrative stories.The next step is to include smooth transitions into our supporting paragraphs. Students will have lists of transition words and phrases  to strengthen  their vocabulary.

Leader of the Month- Congratulations to Gray Pruitt for being elected our classroom leader!
This month is Be Proactive. 

This coming week-  
Tuesday: Please remember to come into the media center to get your Parent Vue login information. There was a green information sent home on Thursday.
Wednesday- ALP parent meeting at 7:30 in room 211

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Today I will be sending home your child's grammar quiz and retake. All students that  scored below 90% retook the quiz after reviewing the first to understand the mistakes that were made. These two grades were averaged so please read the grade next to the word "total" which tells you their final grade.
Because this was their first quiz in my class, I allowed for retakes but this will not always be the case.
If you have any questions, please email me.
Have a great day!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 17 -21

This week we continued to focus on understanding the plot of a story. The concept can be confusing because the students want to retell rather than focus on specific events. The students partner read passages and used a variety of organizers to model their understanding.Working together and discussing helps them to build upon ideas, together is better! I am proud of their progress with this difficult standard.


Watermelon story or seed story?? What a strange question. The class is learning how to narrow a broad topic to give their writing more purpose. They have a moment circle map to complete this weekend which they will use for their individual writing topic.We will begin with developing a strong hook ( Question, Quotation, Dialogue, Dramatic effect and Funnel) to lead their introduction paragraph.

What does it say? What does it mean? Students will be reading to understand a text through close reading strategies. Many students have been introduced to these strategies but have forgotten how to apply them effectively. This coming week, we will be modeling them daily when reading about certain landforms in the United States.

First in Math is a fantastic resource for your child to build their math skills. Students have their log in information in the front of their agenda.

Please consider joining our Foundation,if you haven't already.

This coming week:
  Thursday- Spelling homework is due. Spelling test given.
                     Media center- Online encyclopedia lesson to support our social studies  focus.
  Friday- Field trip to the Fire Safety Village! Remember to pack a sack lunch in paper or plastic, no     lunch bags/boxes.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 10-14

We have accomplished so much this past week. Students are completing graphic organizers to record evidence for plot in a text. It's not an easy concept when there are so many elements but I must say that they are quickly improving on identifying the rising actions, climax, and falling actions. They have mastered identifying the problem and solution which is a more straight forward element.
During our reading block, students will complete plot organizers to practice and apply their learning. You will notice corrections in colored pencils. This will help them when they review their work at home.

As far as writing is concerned, we will focus on  developing strong introductions to our narrative writing.This will include narrowing an idea for a story to be more specific . In other words, narrow their focus and give purpose to their writing.

The class has reviewed common and proper nouns.Now, we'll more towards abstract and concrete nouns. There will be a grade taken on Thursday and I will have a reminder in their agendas.

Grades: Grades will always be posted by Monday. So, check tomorrow for your child's spelling grade.

Weekly reflection: Please read and discuss your child's weekly reflection sheet. I would appreciate you completing the parent comment section to keep the door to communication open.
**I will begin sending these home every other week beginning with this Friday. Due Fridays being extremely busy and  my time constraints. Thank you for understanding!

Fire Safety Village:Tomorrow I will be sending home a waiver for your child to participate at the Fire Safety Village on Friday, August 28. I do need this waiver signed and returned by Friday, August 21 because they will be visiting on this day and need to collect them.

Thank you for your support!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

First Week

What an awesome class we have!The students are working well to collaborate in groups and with partners. I have seen some outstanding leadership from our returning gators by helping our new students to Addison get settled in to rules and routines.

As we read over the next few weeks , we will be focused on the plot of a text. We will find evidence of rising actions that lead to the climax and falling actions that lead to resolution of the problem.

Students wrote their narrative pre-assessment about a hero in their life. I will be meeting during our reading blocks with the students according to the elements in writing that they need to improve upon.
By this I mean lessons focused on hooks, beginning,middle, and ending, closing statements, sentence structure, ideas, organization and so on. This of course, will be on going through out the year since most of these elements are included in informational and opinion writing as well.

Maps and globes from our socials studies content were touched upon. Students worked in pairs to complete a Venn diagram to compare how maps are different to globes. I heard some wonderful discussions during their observations. The Venn diagram will be their resource for an informational writing piece down the road. Our classes began to switch on Thursday. My students will be learning more of the social studies standards, along with math, with Mrs. Tansill. I will be connecting these standards within my reading and writing lessons.

Did your child tell you about going to the science lab?! We had our introductory lesson on Mrs. Knobbe's expectations and rules.

Homework :   Assignments are written in your child's agenda daily. We will begin spelling this coming week. Students are to read 20 minutes a night and record the title and pages read on the
monthly calendar page. Please initial the agenda nightly. You may write changes in dismissal or any notes for me in the agenda.

Open House:     Thursday, August 13th at 5:00-6:00 for both Mrs. Tansill and myself.
                            6:00-6:30 PTA/Foundation Meeting
                            6:30-7:30 session for those that were attending the Target Orientation
  We hope that you are able to attend and learn more about your child's classroom,    standards,expectations and for us to answer any questions you may have!

Monday, August 3, 2015

First Day

      It was a fabulous first day in fourth grade! 
The students worked in groups to collaborate what
it means to BE Respectful, BE Responsible, Be Safe and Be Helpful. They rotated around to all charts and worked as teams.

They also tossed a snowball." What ? "you say. Each student wrote a sentence about how they are unique, special, different or just something they wanted to share. Then tossed their snowball. Everyone picked up a snowball and one at a time read aloud. We guessed who it could be. I really enjoyed learning a little something special about my students through this activity.

Please read and complete the Cobb County folder that was sent home today in your child's Gator notebook. This is their "homework" and communication notebook.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Welcome Back

Meet and Greet was so exciting for me! It was great to see some familiar faces and new faces. I am looking forward to an awesome 
year collaborating with you and your child.

Here is our "tentative"class schedule. Please note the change in lunch time. This was necessary to change so the students could have time for recess! 

This week we will be settling into our routine and expectations for the year. Please check your child's agenda for important communication.

If you have any questions or concerns please send me an email at