Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving is Here ?!

Congratulations to these students that put their best effort forward in their spelling homework. They developed unique sentences, modeled correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelled high frequency words correctly. Awesome!

Students have finished their Native American opinion essays. I should have grades posted by the end of the week. You should have seen their previous opinion writing about the Pixar short-films. I met with them providing feedback on either their planning sheet or draft to strengthen and prepare for the Native American essay.  

Thanksgiving Homework :  Due Monday, Nov. 28th
Grandma's Garden passage and recording sheet to identify figurative language. Students have a flip-book which contains all vocabulary, definitions, and examples.
The other reading is application of inferencing with context clues.
Remember to count these for the Thanksgiving Reading Challenge!!

They should also be practicing Greek & Latin Roots anchor chart. We have been integrating them in our spelling for the past 3/4 weeks. However, I want them to really understand the meaning and usage as this is a specific standard. We will be creating our own word wall throughout the next month.

                         Have a wonderful holiday break with family and friends 😄

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